Children Bible

12.01.2015ChildrenBibles Children Bibles will be distributed to all Mission Stations this December. These Children bibles are available for catechists in english, tagalog and ilokano. All the pictures in the bible stories are available as visual aid posters and coloring pages. So, all catechists start equipped in the Year of the Family and Eucharist, to share bible stories creatively with children and their families.

When the new catechestical material was introduced during the Family and Life Conference in Teng-Ab, many volunteers suggested to have not only this material for catechists available but for each family as well. We will follow up this request during the Year of the Family 2016.

The volunteers will now return to their respective Mission Stations to team up with the catechists and include the visual aid and bibles in family activities as well: parent-child encounter, family celebrations, bible week…More ideas to enrich the family or community can be found here – check on the sunday connection (suggestions per sunday reading), how to raise faith filled kids or what to do during the liturgical year (advent, lent…).Beside the many activities of the catechetical office, there are more copies in the Family and Life office to borrow for large groups.


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