Easter Family Celebration / Hapid

03.28.2016OneStory1We encourage families to celebrate in their BEC. This Holy Week and Easter we joined the Mission Parish in Hapid / Ifugao Province. We focused on one story: The Last Supper. The children bible (God speaks to his children) gave us an easy access in english and ilocano. First we tried to make the copy (xerox) alife: can you identify the table, the chalice and bread and the people involved?

03.28.2016OneStory2…than we copied everything on a piece of plywood with an LCD (alternatively you can copy it with an overhead projector). The youth from Hapid and the students from Sienna College / Manila became very excited! Because this is so different to a coloring page – this was really XXL



03.28.2016OneStory3…and as soon as we had the paint (on water base) and brushes out, the youth took over. They patiently colored everything from the children bible. The black outline was definitely the most challenging part! Other members of the community passed by and praised their work. So they were encouraged to come up with following idea…



How familiar are you with the Stations of the Cross?

Did you notice that it begins with the Last Supper?

The girls felt confident enough to bring their painting to the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. By the way: that started in Landing and not in Hapid, so they carried it there!


We had a colorful contribution to the Stations of the Cross – and because the girls were so enthusiastic, they joined the Black Saturday session again and painted an Easter Bible Story for the Easter Vigil! And this is not the End of the story: the Sienna College Students might continue to use the Children Bibles with the Visual Aids and Actions Songs provided by the Family and Life Office – we are looking forward to see more involved youth and families in Hapid!

How about your Family and Life Ministry? If you need some inspiration or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via your Mission Rector! Join our next Family and Life Core Team Assembly in Teng Ab: April 15-17!


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