Core Team Assembly / Teng-Ab


F&L Core Teams including members of Knights of Columbus, Couples for Christ, Catholic Women League and others gathered in Teng-Ab for an assembly.

We started with inculturation: Documentation on the Bontok Culture (walang rape sa bontok by Habi Kolektib) and had a good sharing on good values in other cordilleran tribes – seems that the Kankanay and Ayangan are not so different in terms of good family and community values! We are left with the challenging question: how to pass on our good traditional values in todays globalized world to sustain healthy and inspiring families / communities?!?

04.16.2016CouplesforChristOur companion throughout the assembly was the “Final Report of the Bishops Synode on Family: The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Contemporary World”.

Our speakers were: Fr. Harry, Fr. Ed and Fr. Marcs.

Please tune in Fr. Marcs song for the Year of the Family: HOME

The next F&L Core Team training will be on counseling per District in the last week of May (we will soon finalize venues and dates).


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