PCC volunteer training / Paracelis


04.25.2016PCCtrainingThe Pastoral Care for Children Program started in Paracelis with 26 volunteers from 3 BECs.

Sr. Tere from the PCC head quarter / Manila and Linda from PCC / Kalookan gave the first training.

They equipped each leader with a personal notebook.



The leaders with reach out to families in pairs to support each other in the beginning.

Meaning we have 5 teams in Paracelis Butigue, 4 teams in Paracelis Labay and another 4 teams in Paracelis Tangngag.



We could see the fruits of many years BEC-organizing.

Our people are used to work in partnership and to team up.

Formation bears fruit after continues (in)formation at the grassroot level and leads by and by to transformation.

04.25.2016SrTerezThe hands on approach of Sr. Tere helped a lot, to get familiar with the different training topics around parenting and health.

The three teams will start to reach out to the families and organize celebrations of life, to gain first experiences.

We are looking forward for the next follow-up in August…


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