Comissioning F&L Core Teams / Teng-Ab

12-2016comissioningBishop Val will comission the 1st batch of F&L Core Teams of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe on December 2-4 in Teng-Ab. Some selected teams will share their best practices on:

Couple Formation (Bontoc and Lagawe),

Natural Family Planing (Barlig and Bauko) and

Family Accompaniment (Paracelis: see picture).

All comissioned F&L Core teams will plan the implementation of the vicariate Family and Life Program and agree with the office on coaching sessions to improve or add to the existing F&L program in their respective Mission Parish.

This will inspire the 2nd batch of F&L Core Teams to plan and kick of their training modules for 2017.

On top: The Faith Formation and Integral Evangelization Team of Teng-Ab (Catechetical, Altar and Youth) and the Lay Formation and Development Team of Teng-Ab (SADC, F&L, Temporalities, LayForCe) will inspire the F&L Core teams: How to journey as families and with families during the Year of the BEC: A Communion of Communities or A Family of Families.

The activity will start Friday afternoon and we will return home on Sunday after breakfast. For more details please contact the Family and Life office in Teng-Ab.


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