Comissioning of F&L Core Teams


Participants of F&L Core Team Training prayed during a Taize Prayer in Teng-Ab. They learned so much from the past F&L Core Team Training Modules and are now ready to serve in their respective Mission Parishes of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc Lagawe.


12.04.2016ComissioningGladisBefore the Comissioning Kuya Bal gave an introduction to eco-spirituality and Gladis from Layforce / Teng-Ab shared her knowledge about organic gardening and cooking. She inspired us to replace magic sarap with more herbs and natural seasonings – it will not only help to cut down the basura and to cook nutritious with low budget, but it tastes sooo yummy and is a healthy option on top!


12.04.2016C0mmissioningSadanga12.04.2016C0mmissioningSagada12.04.2016ComissioningBaukoWe are very greatful for Bishop Valentin Dimoc. He did comission and appreciate all our F&L Core Team Efforts and does encourage more volunteers and Mission Parishes to join and learn more, so that we can respond better to the various needs in our Mission Parishes.




Obviously some Mission Parishes have a larger numer of F&L Core Team members, others are just few and just began to get more organised. However, we can sense, that we have something in common: a passion for families and life. We will continue to journey, to learn and to share – and we are open for more companions in our ongoing training!


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