August PCC breastfeeding month


This month of August we have the PCC breastfeeding month. PCC volunteer leaders encourage mothers to breastfeed their baby. Have a look at the ten good reasons above!!!

But even older children can practice to be in touch with their mothers, fathers, siblings and friends. Invite the children for this game:

In touch

For this activity, let the children stand in small groups up to 5 children. One child will stand in the center of the group and close his eyes. Some of the other children will put their hand on the arm, leg or back of the child. Now the child in the center will guess how many hands are in touch with him.

E.g. Hanna stands in the center and Marc, Chris, Mary and Franz will place one hand each. Hanna says “4 hands” and will open her eyes to check. Now Marc will be the next child.


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