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This is the official blog of the Family and Life Office of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe.

September PCC Sanitation

09.2017SeptemberSanitationThis month the PCC volunteers would want to share about sanitation. We believe that sanitation begins with ourselves as they say ”cleanliness is next to Godliness”! And you are invited to join in our celebration of life!

For a more clean lifestyle practice following song:

O be careful little eyes what you see

O be careful little eyes what you see

There’s a Father up above

And He’s looking down in love

So, be careful little eyes what you see


O be careful little ears what you hear

O be careful little hands what you do

O be careful little feet where you go

O be careful little mouth what you say


Maier family is going back home


The Maier family journeyed with the Family and Life ministry for almost 5 years. Now they are leaving Bontoc-Lagawe. They will return to Germany and live on a organic farm with other families. The girls will go to a catholic school and the parents have to identify a ministry to serve in future. Many will remember the exercises, various topics and simply the family life they shared. We will still keep in touch: via facebook and praying for each other – and the team in Teng-ab is looking forward to welcome another COMUNDO co-worker in 2018!

August PCC breastfeeding month


This month of August we have the PCC breastfeeding month. PCC volunteer leaders encourage mothers to breastfeed their baby. Have a look at the ten good reasons above!!!

But even older children can practice to be in touch with their mothers, fathers, siblings and friends. Invite the children for this game:

In touch

For this activity, let the children stand in small groups up to 5 children. One child will stand in the center of the group and close his eyes. Some of the other children will put their hand on the arm, leg or back of the child. Now the child in the center will guess how many hands are in touch with him.

E.g. Hanna stands in the center and Marc, Chris, Mary and Franz will place one hand each. Hanna says “4 hands” and will open her eyes to check. Now Marc will be the next child.

25 years…


The Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe celebrated its 25th anniversary! During the annual tongtongan: clergy, sisters and lay participants shared their experiences and dreams of a participatory church. Inspirational was the talk of Fr. Picardal from Manila and the sharings of priests and catechists. We all enjoyed the contributions of the catholic Schools of Living Tradition. And we are looking forward to continue to serve as communion of communities – 25 years and far beyond!

1st PCC assembly

07.29.2017PCCassemblyNationalOfficePCC volunteer leaders and interested people from various Mission Parishes celebrated one Year PCC in Bontoc-Lagawe. We are reaching out to almost 400 families with more than 50 trained and commited volunteer leaders. With us were Sr. Tere from the PCC national office and Linda from PCC Novaliche.


The volunteer leaders shared their experience about Celebration of Life in their communities. Many members from the Catholic Womens League (CWL) shared how that program helps to reach out in different communities.

All learned how to balance children rights and responsibilities. They had a hands on workshop regarding child development milestones, to improve their services during home visits.

07.29.2017PCCassemblysupplementWe were trained in herbal soap making (good for treating sensitive skin) and mixing food supplements for malnourished children.

For the second year PCC in Bontoc-Lagawe we would like to share the program with more families, more volunteer leaders and more communities – but step by step – quality not only quantity matters!!!

If you are interested, you may contact the vicariate Family and Life office via your Mission Rector.


Couple Formation Training / Hingyon

01.312015PreCanaAListaThe F&L Core Team Training continues with another training on Couple Formation this weekend: July 14 – 16 in Hingyon. Registration starts at 3pm on Friday (we will finish sunday after breakfast). Vicky and Ramon from the Comission on Family and Life from Baguio will update us on a national tool for pre-cana interviews and further developments on cana 1o1 (“How to journey with couples one on one”).

All F&L Core Teams are most welcome to join and interested pre-cana givers are welcome as well. We are looking forward to learn more and improve our pre-cana! For more information please contact the F&L office or ask you Mission Rector.

F&L core team training: gender sensitivity

03.20.2017modulehusbandwifeA team from the Institue of Women Studies from Manila will facilitate the next training for Family and Life Core Teams on husband & wife relationship (gender sensitivity).

The weekend will start on April 7 at 4pm in Teng-Ab Pastoral Complex, Bontoc.

We welcome new F&L Core Teams of all Mission Parishes. This is a continues training opportunity for already comissioned F&L Core Teams to either expand their team or deepen their knowledge. This training is a great opportunity especially for pre-cana givers!

You need mor background or additional information? Do not hesitate to contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab.

F&L Core Team Training 2017

03.15.2017F&LCoreTeamTrainingPoster2017.jpgJoin the Family and Life Ministry! We invite parents, health workers, midwives, teachers, catechists… to serve couples and families in their BEC or parish.

We train:

  • new and experienced Core Teams of all Mission Parishes
  • from April till December 2017
  • in Teng-Ab and selected Mission Parishes.

Follow the call of Pope Francis and help in your special way families, so that they may grow. Serve as Couple Formator, Pro-Life Advocate or Family Companion. Get inspired by other volunteers from our vicariate. Our speakers will be:

  • a team from Sr. Mary John Mananza OSB from the Institute for Women Studies Manila (husband wife relationship)
  • a couple from the Family and Life Apostolate of Baguio (pre cana)
  • a team from PCC national level (Pastoral Care for Children)
  • a team from PREDA Olongapo (children and women rights)
  • an expert on counseling

NEXT TRAINING: April 7-9 in Teng-Ab a module on husband wife relationship with a team from Sr. Mary John Mananza OSB from the Institute for Women Studies 

We will keept you updated on this blog and via your parish priest. For further questions contact the Family and Life Office in Teng-Ab.

Forum for Drug-Rehabilitation-Program

03.10.2017ForumAdictionmeetingA pastoral response for drug addiction in Bontoc!

Bischop Valentin Dimoc did host a Forum with different steakholders from police, the health sector, DSWD and catholic mandated organisations in Teng-Ab Pastoral Complex on March 10.

The Emergency Response Team to Addiction from Baguio facilitated the morning session.


And the team will come back to work with 30 drug users from Bontoc – this will be the kick off for their rehabilitation program.

We hope this initiative will inspire more communities to come up with pastoral responses to various challenges in their respective communities.

PCC in Bauko

03.04.2017PCCBaukoParacelisVolunteer leaders from Mission Parish Paracelis gave orientation on the Pastoral Care for Children Program to interested volunteers in Bauko.

How to motivate volunteers to join the program?

How to organise and train volunteer leaders?

How to reach out to famili03.04.PCCBaukoOutreaches in the BEC?

Many questions and the volunteer leaders from Paracelis shared their good practices and how they overcame challenges. Since PCC is hands on and all about accompaniment, they reached out together to one of the remote BEC in Bauko.

A training for the new PCC volunteers in Bauko will follow soon.