PCC in Bauko

03.04.2017PCCBaukoParacelisVolunteer leaders from Mission Parish Paracelis gave orientation on the Pastoral Care for Children Program to interested volunteers in Bauko.

How to motivate volunteers to join the program?

How to organise and train volunteer leaders?

How to reach out to famili03.04.PCCBaukoOutreaches in the BEC?

Many questions and the volunteer leaders from Paracelis shared their good practices and how they overcame challenges. Since PCC is hands on and all about accompaniment, they reached out together to one of the remote BEC in Bauko.

A training for the new PCC volunteers in Bauko will follow soon.


Thou shall not kill

02.19.2017deathpenaltyNo to Death Penalty!

No to Extra Judicial Killing!

YES to Justice and Peace!

The Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe remindes the faithful in the Cordillera to obey the commandment of God.


Bishop Valentin Dimoc and representatives from the Vicariate (including the Kinghts of Columbus!) joined the Walk for Life on February 18 in Manila.

Let’s continue to be pro-life in the outreach in our communities!

MISSIO delegation

WMS.plakat 2016

The people of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe welcome our guests: the MISSIO delegation from Germany. Our friends are from the MISSIO Munich headquarter and the Diocese of Speyer. They will spend with us a couple of days and we proudly include them in our mission, reaching out to our BECs.

The Youth Ministry will invite them to the BEC Talubin / Bontoc and share their vivid spirit. The Catechetical Ministry accompanies our guests to Sadanga, to join the parish fiesta first and than visit the BEC of Anabel. The Family and Life Ministry will journey with them to Aguid / Sagada, to learn more about the efforts strengthening families, a BEC in itself.

MISSIO supports since many years the pastoral programs of the Vicariate. It is the first time, that they visit us in the Cordillera. Bishop Valentin Dimoc will be their guest during the World Mission Month Campaign in Germany this October. We appreciate the solidarity expressed though the financial support, their continous prayers and now even their visit in our Vicariate. We hope that the coming exchanges will strengthen this partnership across more than 10.000km.

Training: SAFE


There will be many training and learning opportunities during the Year of the Family and the Eucharist 2015 – 2016. Core Teams from 13 Mission Stations attended the First Family and Life Conference in Teng Ab (November 27 – 30).

The SAFE Team from Antipolo shared many information and the teams took time to organize themselves and agree on upcoming activities. If you missed this event, please contact the F&L office so that we can re-echo the learnings in your MS as well.

The next venue will be in Ifugao and Fr. Larry Tan SDB will give formation on self-empowerment Leadership on February 19 – 21. Make sure you will attend with your Family and Life core team of your Mission Station!