Couple Formation Training / Hingyon

01.312015PreCanaAListaThe F&L Core Team Training continues with another training on Couple Formation this weekend: July 14 – 16 in Hingyon. Registration starts at 3pm on Friday (we will finish sunday after breakfast). Vicky and Ramon from the Comission on Family and Life from Baguio will update us on a national tool for pre-cana interviews and further developments on cana 1o1 (“How to journey with couples one on one”).

All F&L Core Teams are most welcome to join and interested pre-cana givers are welcome as well. We are looking forward to learn more and improve our pre-cana! For more information please contact the F&L office or ask you Mission Rector.


Couple Formation / Lagawe

07.2016CoupeFormationLagawe Family and Life Core Teams and members from Couple for Christ from different Mission Parishes meet in Lagawe for a training on Couple Formation. This was a great opportunity for experienced formators and interested couples, to learn more about the Popes Document “Amoris Laetitia” presented by Fr. John Habawel. The participants learned new methods, how to make couples communicate with each other using Bible Verses, ice breaker activities or games.

On Saturday we learned more about three different couple formation programs: a manual by Fr. Larry Tan SDB on Couple Encounter, the CFC programs on Couple Formation and a compilation of various activities of the vicariate F&L office.

Sr. Flora from Banaue was delighted to see the CFC of Mountain Province and Ifugao offering their support and training beyond their Mandated Organisation and helping in the vicariate Couple Formation of F&L.

Fr. Castor celebrated the culminating mass with us and send the participants back home to their respective Mission Parishes and BECs, so that we serve together the families with their many challenges.

You would like to serve couple and families? Join the Family and Life Core Team of your Mission Parish and be trained this year (ask your Mission Rector for more details or contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab):


speaker: Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico (Family Pastoral Counseling Association Philippines )


speaker: Bishop Ledesma, Cagayan de Oro and NFP Team


speaker: various Families from the Cordillera

Pre-Cana Training / Mayoyao

04.8.2016PreCanaTrainingThe experienced pre-cana givers in Mayoyao welcomed new facilitators! The F&L office provided the updated version of the 6 pre-cana modules. Additionally we were able to share some creative approaches, suitable for pre-cana recollections or couples enrichments.

The new team is motivated to join the next F&L Core Team training in Teng-Ab April 15-17 on The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Contemporary World.

Your pre-cana givers would like to be updated as well? Do not hesitate to contact the F&L Office via your Mission Rector!

Pre-Cana training / Hapao

04.11.2015pre-canaHapaoThe Family and Life ministers of Hapao MS invited young couples and the Family and Life officers from Teng-Ab. We call this a hands-on training: the young couples receive part of their pre-cana and the Family and Life ministers experience a very practical training while observing new methods and approaches.

If your Family and Life ministers are interested in this kind of training or other updating, please do not hesitate to contact us via your Mission Station Rector.

pre-cana training / Alfonso Lista

01.312015PreCanaAListaYoung couples meet in Alfonso Lista for their pre-cana. They got formation and enjoyed interactive exchange with their partner – and some with their kidz along.

While this was the preperation for the mass wedding at the Mission Station, F&L ministers received a hands-on training at the same time. How to activate such a big group? How to let the couples share? How to reflect on experiences? All that knowledge was wrapped up for the facilitators to be during this pre-cana.

If your F&L ministers are interested in a hands-on training with a pre-cana group or need other updates, please do not hesitate to contact us via your Mission Station Rector.