1st PCC assembly

07.29.2017PCCassemblyNationalOfficePCC volunteer leaders and interested people from various Mission Parishes celebrated one Year PCC in Bontoc-Lagawe. We are reaching out to almost 400 families with more than 50 trained and commited volunteer leaders. With us were Sr. Tere from the PCC national office and Linda from PCC Novaliche.


The volunteer leaders shared their experience about Celebration of Life in their communities. Many members from the Catholic Womens League (CWL) shared how that program helps to reach out in different communities.

All learned how to balance children rights and responsibilities. They had a hands on workshop regarding child development milestones, to improve their services during home visits.

07.29.2017PCCassemblysupplementWe were trained in herbal soap making (good for treating sensitive skin) and mixing food supplements for malnourished children.

For the second year PCC in Bontoc-Lagawe we would like to share the program with more families, more volunteer leaders and more communities – but step by step – quality not only quantity matters!!!

If you are interested, you may contact the vicariate Family and Life office via your Mission Rector.



Comissioning F&L Core Teams / Teng-Ab

12-2016comissioningBishop Val will comission the 1st batch of F&L Core Teams of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe on December 2-4 in Teng-Ab. Some selected teams will share their best practices on:

Couple Formation (Bontoc and Lagawe),

Natural Family Planing (Barlig and Bauko) and

Family Accompaniment (Paracelis: see picture).

All comissioned F&L Core teams will plan the implementation of the vicariate Family and Life Program and agree with the office on coaching sessions to improve or add to the existing F&L program in their respective Mission Parish.

This will inspire the 2nd batch of F&L Core Teams to plan and kick of their training modules for 2017.

On top: The Faith Formation and Integral Evangelization Team of Teng-Ab (Catechetical, Altar and Youth) and the Lay Formation and Development Team of Teng-Ab (SADC, F&L, Temporalities, LayForCe) will inspire the F&L Core teams: How to journey as families and with families during the Year of the BEC: A Communion of Communities or A Family of Families.

The activity will start Friday afternoon and we will return home on Sunday after breakfast. For more details please contact the Family and Life office in Teng-Ab.

Teng-Ab Team


The Teang-Ab Team enjoys to work together. The utility staff from LayForCe invited all to get hands on with Laudato Si (Popes message to care for our common home).

How about your team (family, Pastoral Council, office mates, BEC…)? Do you team up to care for our environment? When did you collect the basura together? When did you plant some trees? Have you started backyard gardening?

Visit us in Teng-Ab and get inspired about eco-spirituality and how we try to put it into action. We are just beginners and have to learn a lot – so do not hesitate and start it in your community as well!

Pastoral Care for Children

04.18.2016PCCIn line with the CBCP Episcopal Comission on Family and Life our Bishop Valentin Dimoc welcomed the PCC (Pastoral Care for Children) program in the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe.

Sr. Tere shared the approach of PCC: information and formation will lead to transformation, so that children may enjoy life and life in all its fullness in the Cordillera.


We are looking forward to start the formation of volunteers in Paracelis Poblacion and Paracelis Butige (Mountain Province) during the Year of the Family.

If you are interested to learn more about this new program in the family and life ministry, please do not hesitate to contact Magdalena Bagyan in Teng-Ab.

F&L Core Team Assembly / Teng-Ab

CFC logo




We welcome this F&L assembly especially members from various Manated Organisations!

On Friday we will contextualize ourselves with the documentation “walang rape sa bontok” by Habi Collective. Our focus on Saturaday is on “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Contemporary World” (The Final Report of the Synode of Bishops). Fr. Harry, Fr. Ed and Fr. Marcs will familiarize us with the document. On Saturday afternoon we will celebrate anticipated mass with Bishop Val.

We will close the day with a sharing on how the Mandated Organisations and various parish groups contribute to the family apostolate throughout our Viacariate.

Our special guest is Sr. Tere from “Pastoral Care for Children” (Pastoral da Crianca) – Manila. She will share her rich experience on family formation and accompanyment with the F&L Core team from Paracelis.

Join our assembly! Contact your parish rector or the F&L Office for updates.

Core Team Assembly / Teng-Ab

03.18.2016CoreTeamAssemblyPope Francis wants to reach out to you, your family and your BEC.

He invites us to learn more about “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Contemporary World“.

JOIN the next Core Team Assembly in Teng-Ab from April 15-17.Planed by the Family and Life Office.

LEARN more about the final report of the Synode of Bishops to the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Prepared by Fr. Harry Gawongna, Fr. Ed Abaño and Fr. Marcial Castañeda.

REFLECT upon the “contemporary world” in the Cordillera with “walang rape sa bontoc“. Presented by the documentation team: Carla Ocampo and Lester Valle from Habi Collective.

CONTACT your Family and Life Core Team (F&L ministers, Members of Mandated Organisations and others) and coordinate with your Mission Rector, so that you can attend and your Mission Parish will be enriched by the many inspirations from our priests.

heroic leadership training


More than 80 pax from 14 different Mission Parishes attended the F&L-Core-Team Training in Hingyon from Feb 19-21.

Fr. Larry Tan SDB encouraged pax to try a change in their life and make serious agreements as a leader.


02.20.2016HeroicLeadership2This seminar did not only add knowledge, but the “lesson learned” came in the game: all you can win. We had fun and were puzzled for various reasons at the same time: Why do some people break agreements? How to connect the game-experience with real life? What is the reason for my feelings? And many more questions…


02.20.2016HeroicLeadership3We hope that all the pax return to their respective Mission Parishes to form a core team with Couple Formators, Pro-Life Advocates and Family Companions.

Since Fr. Larry Tan SDB has published many books and works fro Word & Life Publications many pax returned home not only with the leadership program but many more inspirational books.

Year of the Family…

F&LlogoNatlWe are blessed with many themes:

The Year of the Family (see ECFL)

The Year of the Eucharist (see the IEC)

The Year of Mercy (see the vatican news)

So join the celebrations and become more active in your families and your BECs!

marketing leaflet F&L 2015update

The next chance to get more organised and to learn: Family and Life Core Team training with Fr. Larry Tan SDB on Self-Empowerment Leadership in Hingyon Parish on February 19-21.

Coaching / Alfonso Lista


The Family and Life Core Team Training has started in November. Since December we are reaching out to coach the teams according to their needs. We discovered with the Core Team in Alfonso Lista, that some BECs are already blessed with catechetical activities: pre-cana or sunday school. Representatives from other BECs expressed, that they would like to be supported by them. The team generated many ideas and possibilities to reach out to the families in their own and other BECs. They are looking forward to attend the next Core Team training on Selfempowerment Leadership by Fr. Larry Tan SDB in February in Hingyon.

You need more orientation and support to get your Family and Life Core Team organised? Do not hesitate to ask for coaching by the F&L office and join us in Hingyon on February 19-21!