Maier family is going back home


The Maier family journeyed with the Family and Life ministry for almost 5 years. Now they are leaving Bontoc-Lagawe. They will return to Germany and live on a organic farm with other families. The girls will go to a catholic school and the parents have to identify a ministry to serve in future. Many will remember the exercises, various topics and simply the family life they shared. We will still keep in touch: via facebook and praying for each other – and the team in Teng-ab is looking forward to welcome another COMUNDO co-worker in 2018!


Forum for Drug-Rehabilitation-Program

03.10.2017ForumAdictionmeetingA pastoral response for drug addiction in Bontoc!

Bischop Valentin Dimoc did host a Forum with different steakholders from police, the health sector, DSWD and catholic mandated organisations in Teng-Ab Pastoral Complex on March 10.

The Emergency Response Team to Addiction from Baguio facilitated the morning session.


And the team will come back to work with 30 drug users from Bontoc – this will be the kick off for their rehabilitation program.

We hope this initiative will inspire more communities to come up with pastoral responses to various challenges in their respective communities.

Comissioning of F&L Core Teams


Participants of F&L Core Team Training prayed during a Taize Prayer in Teng-Ab. They learned so much from the past F&L Core Team Training Modules and are now ready to serve in their respective Mission Parishes of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc Lagawe.


12.04.2016ComissioningGladisBefore the Comissioning Kuya Bal gave an introduction to eco-spirituality and Gladis from Layforce / Teng-Ab shared her knowledge about organic gardening and cooking. She inspired us to replace magic sarap with more herbs and natural seasonings – it will not only help to cut down the basura and to cook nutritious with low budget, but it tastes sooo yummy and is a healthy option on top!


12.04.2016C0mmissioningSadanga12.04.2016C0mmissioningSagada12.04.2016ComissioningBaukoWe are very greatful for Bishop Valentin Dimoc. He did comission and appreciate all our F&L Core Team Efforts and does encourage more volunteers and Mission Parishes to join and learn more, so that we can respond better to the various needs in our Mission Parishes.




Obviously some Mission Parishes have a larger numer of F&L Core Team members, others are just few and just began to get more organised. However, we can sense, that we have something in common: a passion for families and life. We will continue to journey, to learn and to share – and we are open for more companions in our ongoing training!

Teng-Ab Team


The Teang-Ab Team enjoys to work together. The utility staff from LayForCe invited all to get hands on with Laudato Si (Popes message to care for our common home).

How about your team (family, Pastoral Council, office mates, BEC…)? Do you team up to care for our environment? When did you collect the basura together? When did you plant some trees? Have you started backyard gardening?

Visit us in Teng-Ab and get inspired about eco-spirituality and how we try to put it into action. We are just beginners and have to learn a lot – so do not hesitate and start it in your community as well!

Basic Counseling Skills Training (part 2)/ September 2 – 4 / Teng-Ab


Some have natural counseling skills, but usually we have to practice and continue training, to be effective counsilors to couples, young mothers, stressed parents, disoriented youth….

This is a follow-up opportunity for all F&L Core Team members, who joined the Basic Counseling Skills Training (part 1) in Banaue or Bauko. We accept beginners as well, who would like to learn and experience basic counseling skills, to improve their service to families in need in their respective Mission Parish or BEC.

Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico from the Family pastoral Counseling Association Philippines will be with us, giving us more insights and challenging us on our basic counseling skills. Don’t be afraid, take courage and take this challenge, because the couples, young mothers, stressed parents, disoriented youth… need you and you need at least basic counseling skills to journey well with them!

This year we train F&L ministers in all Mission Parishes, make sure your join the team and the traning (ask your Mission Rector for more details or contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab):


  speaker: Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico, Family Pastoral Counseling Association Philippines


speaker: Bishop Ledesma, Cagayan de Oro and NFP Team


speaker: various Families from the Cordillera

MISSIO delegation

WMS.plakat 2016

The people of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe welcome our guests: the MISSIO delegation from Germany. Our friends are from the MISSIO Munich headquarter and the Diocese of Speyer. They will spend with us a couple of days and we proudly include them in our mission, reaching out to our BECs.

The Youth Ministry will invite them to the BEC Talubin / Bontoc and share their vivid spirit. The Catechetical Ministry accompanies our guests to Sadanga, to join the parish fiesta first and than visit the BEC of Anabel. The Family and Life Ministry will journey with them to Aguid / Sagada, to learn more about the efforts strengthening families, a BEC in itself.

MISSIO supports since many years the pastoral programs of the Vicariate. It is the first time, that they visit us in the Cordillera. Bishop Valentin Dimoc will be their guest during the World Mission Month Campaign in Germany this October. We appreciate the solidarity expressed though the financial support, their continous prayers and now even their visit in our Vicariate. We hope that the coming exchanges will strengthen this partnership across more than 10.000km.



Most Rev. Gilbert Garcera, Bishop of Daet gave an orientation on Amrois Laetitia, the new Document of Pope Francis, during the Northern Luzon F&L meeting in Baguio.

The Apostolic Vicariate was represented by a small delegation and brought home many inspirations and insights.

It was stressed, that each Diocese should have a F&L program including a) community / group organizing, b) formation, c) advocacy, d) media and e) prayer.

We realized that F&L Core teams in some of our Mission Parishes are already doing a good job, for example:

a) the Pastoral Care for Children program (PCC) headed by CWL in Paracelis, is reaching out with monthly homevisits to 126 needy families

b) the Couples for Christ (CfC) in Lagawe offer their couple formation program in various BECs to ordinary community members

c) a training on responsible parenthood and All Natural Family Planing is scheduled for November 4 – 6 in Teng-Ab, to be inspired by Archbishop Ledesma from Cagayan de Oro, how to be more pro-life active

d) we hope that this blog and facebook helps to keep volunteers and padis better informed about our ongoing training and other activities

e) we have a wood carven Holy Family journeying with us to the different Mission Parishes and continue to tune into the Holy Fathers prayer for families.

You would like to see that AMORIS LAETITIA makes a difference in your Mission Parish too? You would like to serve couple and families?

Join the Family and Life Core Team of your Mission Parish and be trained this year (ask your Mission Rector for more details or contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab):


speaker: Dr. Alda Perlita Polestico (Family Pastoral Counseling Association Philippines )


speaker: Bishop Ledesma, Cagayan de Oro and NFP Team


speaker: various Families from the Cordillera

F&L Core Team Assembly / Teng-Ab

CFC logo




We welcome this F&L assembly especially members from various Manated Organisations!

On Friday we will contextualize ourselves with the documentation “walang rape sa bontok” by Habi Collective. Our focus on Saturaday is on “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Contemporary World” (The Final Report of the Synode of Bishops). Fr. Harry, Fr. Ed and Fr. Marcs will familiarize us with the document. On Saturday afternoon we will celebrate anticipated mass with Bishop Val.

We will close the day with a sharing on how the Mandated Organisations and various parish groups contribute to the family apostolate throughout our Viacariate.

Our special guest is Sr. Tere from “Pastoral Care for Children” (Pastoral da Crianca) – Manila. She will share her rich experience on family formation and accompanyment with the F&L Core team from Paracelis.

Join our assembly! Contact your parish rector or the F&L Office for updates.

Children Bible

12.01.2015ChildrenBibles Children Bibles will be distributed to all Mission Stations this December. These Children bibles are available for catechists in english, tagalog and ilokano. All the pictures in the bible stories are available as visual aid posters and coloring pages. So, all catechists start equipped in the Year of the Family and Eucharist, to share bible stories creatively with children and their families.

When the new catechestical material was introduced during the Family and Life Conference in Teng-Ab, many volunteers suggested to have not only this material for catechists available but for each family as well. We will follow up this request during the Year of the Family 2016.

The volunteers will now return to their respective Mission Stations to team up with the catechists and include the visual aid and bibles in family activities as well: parent-child encounter, family celebrations, bible week…More ideas to enrich the family or community can be found here – check on the sunday connection (suggestions per sunday reading), how to raise faith filled kids or what to do during the liturgical year (advent, lent…).Beside the many activities of the catechetical office, there are more copies in the Family and Life office to borrow for large groups.

F&L Conference / Teng-Ab

11.25.2015F&LconferenceA reminder for all Family and Life Core Teams: the F&L Conference will start on Friday November 27 at 4 pm in Teng-Ab. Registration 100Php per person. Early arrival including lunch is possible!

Conference will end with a mass and sending of the Core Teams on Monday November 30 after breakfast.

Our speakers: the SAFE Team.

Our aim: be informed and organized as a Core Team and be active during the national Year of the Family and Eucharist 2016.

All Mission Stations are provided with an invitation letter and conference program details. Here you find the updates on the Training 2015-2016: marketing leaflet F&L 2015update Please, coordinate with your Mission Rector. If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact the F&L office.