Pastoral Care for Children

04.18.2016PCClogoThe Family and Life ministers of Bontoc-Lagawe have started to promote a better life for poor children and their families through the Pastoral Care for Children (PCC) program:

“So that all children may enjoy life and life in all its fullness!”


12.04.2016ComissioningParacelisOur Goal and Mission is:

1. Reduce mortality of mothers and children.
2. To improve parenting.
3. To evangelize.

The 5 basic Actions of PCC are:

Nutrition / Education / Health / Citizenship / Evangelization

05.27.17.PCCcol5The trained and equipped volunteer leaders reach out on a monthly basis through

3 basic activities:

home visit

celebration of life

meeting and formation

07.29.2017PCCassemblysupplementWe started simple PCC livelihood activities, that help the families and the volunteer leaders to grow. For example:

preparing miraculous ointment

making herbal soap

mixing nutritious food supplements

If you are interested to learn more about PCC, to have an exposure to one of our PCC communities in Paracelis or to be oriented during a MPC meeting – do not hesitate and contact the Family and Life office in Teng-Ab.

We plan to share this program with all interested Mission Parishes (volunteers who would like to be organized and trained to serve the families in their neighbourhood). Since we do not only focus on quantity but first and foremost on quality, it may take a little while before we can reach your community. So, please make sure you are on our waiting list to be next in line!!!