PCC – 3 basic activities

The trained and equipped volunteer leaders reach out on a monthly basis through 3 basic activities:

09.2016CounselingPartIIhome visit

PCC volunteer leaders visit children and their parents every month once. Already preganant women are part of the program and especially preganant teenagers appreciate the regular visit and the extra care given to them. The journey last for six years and helps the family to develop a healthy lifestyle.

05.27.17.PCCcol5celebration of life

The children and their families celebrate once a month togehter! PCC volunteer leaders together with other helpers in the community prepare a nutritious snack for everybody. All join the program: singing, games and information. Professionals tune in and share their knowledge of oral health care (dentist) or breastfeeding (midwive).

04.25.2016BECorganizingmeeting and formation

PCC volunteer leaders receive a three days initial training, followed by a three month practical experience in the field. Monthly they meet to continue their formation and share the solidarity with other volunteer leaders. Many join the Family and Life Core Team trainings to add special skills and information.