PCC – livelihood

We started simple PCC livelihood activities, that help the families and the volunteer leaders to grow. For example:

preparing m06.18.2017miraculousAloeVerairaculous ointment

with Aloe Vera, Guava leaves, Akapulko leaves, Malunggay leaves

in Coconut oil


making herbal soap

with Akapulko and Guava leaves

in Coconut (or cooking) oil


07.29.2017PCCassemblysupplementmixing nutritious food supplements

with rice, soja or mung beans, malunggay leaves


You are interested in our PCC livelihood products?

We are just about to produce more regularly and serve the local market. Contact us during our book sale or in our office in Teng-Ab!

You are interested to produce these livelihood products?

We train regularly our PCC volunteer leaders. Join the team and be part of a serving community in your neighbourhood!