PCC – monthly theme

PCCcelebrationofLifedentistPCC volunteer leaders serve according to following principle:


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So each month they share with the families on one specific theme and sometimes they get additional support from professionals in their community.

February: Natural Family Planing
March: Voluntarism
April: Oral Health Care
May: Prenatal Care
June: Backyard Gardening
July: Nutrition
August: Breast Feeding
September: Sanitation
October: Hygiene
November: (E)Valuation and planning
December: Advent and Christmas
December: Holy Family

All trained PCC volunteer leaders are equipped with additional activities for each month, to serve the specific needs of children (age 0-6), kids (age 6-12), parents or the whole family. We suggest action songs, games, sharings, catechesis, simple crafts or activities…

Our PCC volunteer leaders accept happily the help of the youth, catechists, cooks, teachers and other professionals to come up with a holistic program for the whole family. Come and join the PCC family!