papal visit 2015


30 families from Bontoc-Lagawe feel still enriched due to their participation of “Encounter with the families” duing the Popes visit the the Philippines in 2015.

All pilgrims were equipt with a pilgrims-kit :

for parents: formation, theme and logo provided by CBCP

for youth: Pope Francis Quiz and Pope Francis Comic

for kidz: story of Saint Francis and coloring page of Saint Francis and Pope Francis

You may still use the material to follow up the pilgrimage or prepare for the next Papal Visit in 2016.

Here voices from our delegates:

01.16.2015PopeFamilyDelegationMs Solang “Our traditional tapis united our family just before we entered the MOA”

Ms Dog-e “We could find us in the crowds because of our traditional attire”

Mr Che-es “It is a honor to be part of this delegation”

Ms Baguilat “We are lucky, 01.16.2015PopeIPbecause our delegation is even inside MOA and so close to the Pope!”

Ms Chang-at “Friends are texting. They saw us on TV because of our traditional dress”

Fr. Pablo “It is good to have a rest in this beautiful place of St Michaels Retreat House after 01.16.2015PopeKidsthe exhausting journey”

Jesse-Jan “I saw Pope personally and really alife!”

Tabea “Will the Pope visit us in Bontoc, so that I can make bless to him?”

01.16.2015PopeLightsThis special pilgrimage was possible due to 30 very commited families, the hospitality of St Michaels Retreat House and the financial support of the Dioces of Limburg / Germany.

We happ01.16.2015PopeSendingMassily support initiatives from Mission Stations to follow up this event or plan their own family-pilgrimage.


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