story boox


The Family and Life Office provided every Mission Station during the “Year of the Laity 2014” with a mobile library, the so called story boox: 4 bags with children bibles and other books for children, parents and catechists.

We encourage the Mission Stations to circulate the bags among the BECs and we encourage the BECs to share the books among the families.

Additional catechetical material as hardcopy and digital on CD give further inspiration, how to introduce the books during family encounter or sunday school, thoughout the liturgical year or other occasions.

2014storybooxMagdaA provided „Holy Heroes – booklet“ contains „free coloring pages“ for catechetical purposes for families and in church.

You find more here: coloring saints and happy saints. All saint stories are copied from loyola press. All saints’ symbol explainaitions refere to a dictionary

For more free coloring pages see:


Information and training was offered to all F&L ministers of both districts (Bontoc and Lagawe) and many Mission Stations were visited for a follow up in 2014 and 2015. If you need assistance in circulating bags or books more effectively, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The Family and Life office received book donations from following publishers:

  • Philippine Bible Society
  • St. Pauls
  • Word&Life
  • OMFlit
  • Communication Foundation for Asia
  • WS Pacific
  • Anvil Publishers
  • Sinag-tala

Please contact the publishers, your Mission Station, your local book shop or other christian book shops to order additional books. Contact us if you need assitance or if you are interested in bulk orders.


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