Couple Formation Training / Hingyon

01.312015PreCanaAListaThe F&L Core Team Training continues with another training on Couple Formation this weekend: July 14 – 16 in Hingyon. Registration starts at 3pm on Friday (we will finish sunday after breakfast). Vicky and Ramon from the Comission on Family and Life from Baguio will update us on a national tool for pre-cana interviews and further developments on cana 1o1 (“How to journey with couples one on one”).

All F&L Core Teams are most welcome to join and interested pre-cana givers are welcome as well. We are looking forward to learn more and improve our pre-cana! For more information please contact the F&L office or ask you Mission Rector.

F&L core team training: gender sensitivity

03.20.2017modulehusbandwifeA team from the Institue of Women Studies from Manila will facilitate the next training for Family and Life Core Teams on husband & wife relationship (gender sensitivity).

The weekend will start on April 7 at 4pm in Teng-Ab Pastoral Complex, Bontoc.

We welcome new F&L Core Teams of all Mission Parishes. This is a continues training opportunity for already comissioned F&L Core Teams to either expand their team or deepen their knowledge. This training is a great opportunity especially for pre-cana givers!

You need mor background or additional information? Do not hesitate to contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab.

F&L Core Team Training 2017

03.15.2017F&LCoreTeamTrainingPoster2017.jpgJoin the Family and Life Ministry! We invite parents, health workers, midwives, teachers, catechists… to serve couples and families in their BEC or parish.

We train:

  • new and experienced Core Teams of all Mission Parishes
  • from April till December 2017
  • in Teng-Ab and selected Mission Parishes.

Follow the call of Pope Francis and help in your special way families, so that they may grow. Serve as Couple Formator, Pro-Life Advocate or Family Companion. Get inspired by other volunteers from our vicariate. Our speakers will be:

  • a team from Sr. Mary John Mananza OSB from the Institute for Women Studies Manila (husband wife relationship)
  • a couple from the Family and Life Apostolate of Baguio (pre cana)
  • a team from PCC national level (Pastoral Care for Children)
  • a team from PREDA Olongapo (children and women rights)
  • an expert on counseling

NEXT TRAINING: April 7-9 in Teng-Ab a module on husband wife relationship with a team from Sr. Mary John Mananza OSB from the Institute for Women StudiesĀ 

We will keept you updated on this blog and via your parish priest. For further questions contact the Family and Life Office in Teng-Ab.

Forum for Drug-Rehabilitation-Program

03.10.2017ForumAdictionmeetingA pastoral response for drug addiction in Bontoc!

Bischop Valentin Dimoc did host a Forum with different steakholders from police, the health sector, DSWD and catholic mandated organisations in Teng-Ab Pastoral Complex on March 10.

The Emergency Response Team to Addiction from Baguio facilitated the morning session.


And the team will come back to work with 30 drug users from Bontoc – this will be the kick off for their rehabilitation program.

We hope this initiative will inspire more communities to come up with pastoral responses to various challenges in their respective communities.

PCC in Bauko

03.04.2017PCCBaukoParacelisVolunteer leaders from Mission Parish Paracelis gave orientation on the Pastoral Care for Children Program to interested volunteers in Bauko.

How to motivate volunteers to join the program?

How to organise and train volunteer leaders?

How to reach out to famili03.04.PCCBaukoOutreaches in the BEC?

Many questions and the volunteer leaders from Paracelis shared their good practices and how they overcame challenges. Since PCC is hands on and all about accompaniment, they reached out together to one of the remote BEC in Bauko.

A training for the new PCC volunteers in Bauko will follow soon.

Thou shall not kill

02.19.2017deathpenaltyNo to Death Penalty!

No to Extra Judicial Killing!

YES to Justice and Peace!

The Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe remindes the faithful in the Cordillera to obey the commandment of God.


Bishop Valentin Dimoc and representatives from the Vicariate (including the Kinghts of Columbus!) joined the Walk for Life on February 18 in Manila.

Let’s continue to be pro-life in the outreach in our communities!

Comissioning of F&L Core Teams


Participants of F&L Core Team Training prayed during a Taize Prayer in Teng-Ab. They learned so much from the past F&L Core Team Training Modules and are now ready to serve in their respective Mission Parishes of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc Lagawe.


12.04.2016ComissioningGladisBefore the Comissioning Kuya Bal gave an introduction to eco-spirituality and Gladis from Layforce / Teng-Ab shared her knowledge about organic gardening and cooking. She inspired us to replace magic sarap with more herbs and natural seasonings – it will not only help to cut down the basura and to cook nutritious with low budget, but it tastes sooo yummy and is a healthy option on top!


12.04.2016C0mmissioningSadanga12.04.2016C0mmissioningSagada12.04.2016ComissioningBaukoWe are very greatful for Bishop Valentin Dimoc. He did comission and appreciate all our F&L Core Team Efforts and does encourage more volunteers and Mission Parishes to join and learn more, so that we can respond better to the various needs in our Mission Parishes.




Obviously some Mission Parishes have a larger numer of F&L Core Team members, others are just few and just began to get more organised. However, we can sense, that we have something in common: a passion for families and life. We will continue to journey, to learn and to share – and we are open for more companions in our ongoing training!

Comissioning F&L Core Teams / Teng-Ab

12-2016comissioningBishop Val will comission the 1st batch of F&L Core Teams of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe on December 2-4 in Teng-Ab. Some selected teams will share their best practices on:

Couple Formation (Bontoc and Lagawe),

Natural Family Planing (Barlig and Bauko) and

Family Accompaniment (Paracelis: see picture).

All comissioned F&L Core teams will plan the implementation of the vicariate Family and Life Program and agree with the office on coaching sessions to improve or add to the existing F&L program in their respective Mission Parish.

This will inspire the 2nd batch of F&L Core Teams to plan and kick of their training modules for 2017.

On top: The Faith Formation and Integral Evangelization Team of Teng-Ab (Catechetical, Altar and Youth) and the Lay Formation and Development Team of Teng-Ab (SADC, F&L, Temporalities, LayForCe) will inspire the F&L Core teams: How to journey as families and with families during the Year of the BEC: A Communion of Communities or A Family of Families.

The activity will start Friday afternoon and we will return home on Sunday after breakfast. For more details please contact the Family and Life office in Teng-Ab.

Responsible Parenthood and All Naturale Family Planing Training / November 4 -6 / Teng-Ab


Bischop Ledesma from Cagayan de Oro and his team on NFP will inspire the Family and Life Core Teams on November 4 -6 in Teng-Ab.

They have experience how F&L teams canĀ  collaborate with the DOH and LGU.

We would like to extend our invitation to F&L Core Teams and to our Barangay Health Workers, POP teams, Midwives, OBs and all those serving couples / parents. Lets team up and share our experiences and expertise!

You would like to serve couple and families? Join the Family and Life Core Team of your Mission Parish and be trained this year (ask your Mission Rector for more details or contact the F&L office in Teng-Ab):


speaker: Bishop Ledesma, Cagayan de Oro and NFP Team


speaker: various Families from the Cordillera

Teng-Ab Team


The Teang-Ab Team enjoys to work together. The utility staff from LayForCe invited all to get hands on with Laudato Si (Popes message to care for our common home).

How about your team (family, Pastoral Council, office mates, BEC…)? Do you team up to care for our environment? When did you collect the basura together? When did you plant some trees? Have you started backyard gardening?

Visit us in Teng-Ab and get inspired about eco-spirituality and how we try to put it into action. We are just beginners and have to learn a lot – so do not hesitate and start it in your community as well!